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Hi everyone,

A big thank you to Vicki for doing a guest post for us for her new business ‘Celebration Party Crayons’. We are lucky enough to have Vicki attached to our party packages, so if you opt to have the optional extra of party favours with one of our packages, these will be provided by Vicki! 🙂

Hello and welcome to my guest post.
Firstly let me intoduce myself . I’m Vicki and I own Celebration Party Crayons based in Ashford Kent .

Celebration party crayons is a small novelty hand-poured crayon company which I run from the heart of my family home.
‘Putting fun into colouring’.

My novelty crayons are all non toxic and are all individually hand-poured and gift wrapped by myself, creating fun novelty crayons to suit many special occasions.

I only use quality Crayola Wax and I am CE Certified.

I am still in the very early stages of learning the art of crayon makin. This is a very new, fresh and exciting journey for me .
I cannot wait to explore many new designs and gather new ideas for my customers and friends over these next up and coming months.

I have just taken over this wonderful novelty making hand-poured crayon company from its former owner known as Scribble bits .

Scribble bits always used to inspire me as a customer to purchase their novelty crayons as a fun way and sticker alternative to reward the children at my after school club where I work as my main job in the afternoons Monday -Thursday .

I also used to enjoy purchasing their novelty crayons as gifts for my son Harry age 3 and for my family and friends children.
I found that these fun novelty crayons was a great alternative to chocolate treats. Especially at Easter time and they were always fun to collect !

Sadly Scribble bits closed to new adventures and I was given this wonderful opportunity to continue their business under a new name.
So here I am today in my kitchen baking and pouring wax shaped novelty crayons .

I am also very lucky and grateful to be part of Sensory Sensations party favour packages. Their guests can order my novelty crayons as party favours from just as little as 50p each !
I also like to include a Free gift for the party girl or boy as a thankyou for their support and for choosing me !

I hope you have all enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more.
For further product information you can view my collection and contact me via my Facebook page @celelebrationpartycrayons.

I am also open to any feedback and new ideas that you may have.

I would now like to take this time to thank you for taking time out to read my guest post .
Kind regards


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