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Every so often I have the pleasure of using my blog to review something… in the past I’ve reviewed toys that have very kindly been sent to us for our classes and parties. But today’s review is different as I’ll be reviewing the wonderful ‘Little Street’ in Maidstone.

Little Street is an award winning role play centre for young children.

From their website:

Responding to children’s love of role play, we have created a realistic street designed with little people in mind. Our play centres feature a supermarket, construction site, police station, theatre, medical centre and more; Little Street is a scaled down version of a typical town, inspiring children to explore life in the world around them.

We offer a high quality experience by operating pre-defined play sessions and keeping the numbers attending ‘little’. At the end of each play period we take the time and care to restore Little Street back to its original state so that the next group of children will enjoy the ‘wow’ factor; every prop will be returned to the right place to stimulate their curiosity and inventiveness.

This is a little world for big imaginations, so come along and delight in watching your child learn through play.

My two daughters Daisy (4), Indie (2) and I arrived for our allowed 1.5 hour slot and the first thing I noticed was how clean and tidy the play centre was. It was bright, colourful and the attention to detail was wonderful.

In the supermarket all the shelves were stacked neatly and all items were in their correct sections. I liked how they had used everyday bottles and packaging so the children could begin to associate the food in the real world. They had lovely little trolleys and baskets which my girls absolutely loved and shopping lists available for them to find different items. (I talked to my eldest about how similar it was to her favourite ‘Orchard’ game Shopping list!) There was another child waiting to be the cashier and so all items could be taken out of the trolley/basket, ‘scanned’ and put inside a bag to take away. The only thing missing from the ‘exchange’ was money, this could have added to the learning of this experience, however, I think coins and notes would be easily lost and could be a choking hazard, so I understand why it was not included.

In the Bakery, again, all the items were beautifully displayed and had the ‘wow’ factor. The bread, rolls and sandwiches looked lifelike and the children were delighting in being the ‘waiters’ and presenting the adults with food. It was lovely to see a member of staff sat down engaging with the children, what a great job he has!

The supermarket and bakery were the girls favourite areas but there was also a doctors surgery, police station, classroom, stage theatre, construction area, horse stables and a fine engine taking centre stage. All areas were beautifully presented, clean and had role play outfits and accessories to bring the rooms to life.

My girls were the perfect age for Little Street, both were able to wander around safely (often in different directions!) and were kept engaged the entire time. The age range 1-7 years seemed to be present and were well catered for.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Little Street and will definitely be returning again! If you want something different to soft play, that’ll teach your children social skills and have them learn as well as have lots of fun, then give them a visit!




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